I will not let me out, I will just hide away.
I don’t want to be seen flaring my paradise.
Now won’t you come here inside and tell me how,
How in my final days, I will find my ways
Without you by my side.

You brought me and went away, left me here in sea of pain.
Yet you tell me not to cry, as you make me wish to die.
I will not live through this rain, I want this to come to an end.
I knew it would be cold, cold as I told it would be.

I was drewn inside.
Tempted by the wish of walking through the field of roses I had seen,
I fell on a pit of spikes.

It really feels like I lost any and every trace of tomorrow.
Now won’t you come here and make me dream again?

Or maybe wake me up. 

And It’s Full

Don’t sleep early tonight,
The moon will shed it’s beautiful light.
And I will think of your eyes,
While I gaze into the skies.


Dripping your nectar, I feed on it, still.
Went through that day, felt what you feel.
Clear my rememberance, my time is to heal.
Give me my deserving, the nectar has spilled.